Communing with the Elements: Earth

Communing with the Elements: Earth image

Earth grounds, nourishes, transforms and gives birth to new life. It represents a solid foundation, fertility, and abundance. Spend the afternoon learning how connecting with the element of earth can support your own goals of personal healing, growth, and development. Walk away with applicable tools and an understanding of how to bring more earth into your home and life.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, once considered to be the basis for all natural phenomenon in western thought still hold significant power in our daily lives. These wise and intelligent aspects of our natural world shape our everyday experiences in myriad ways. Join me as I continue my collage and divination journey with a new series on the four elements. We will discuss the significance of the elements including their use in creating personal ritual and how to connect with the elements on a regular basis for self-growth and reflection, followed by collage making inspired by the wisdom of the elements. Each class will focus on one specific element and include a personal tarot reading.

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April 30th - April 30th, 2019
Members: $65, Nonmembers: $85

Session 1: April 30 with Megan May

1 Tue Apr 30 6-9PM Sunken Room