Videography: Creating a Powerful PSA (Youth Ages 12-18)

Videography: Creating a Powerful PSA (Youth Ages 12-18) image

Public Service Announcements address important issues, educate audiences and bring awareness to issues in order to inspire social change. During this one-week PSA Youth Summer camp students will learn the basics skills to produce their own one -minute video Public Service Announcement. We will be learning some of the many different ways a message can be crafted and disseminated. These messages can be instructional, inspirational, or even shocking to elicit emotion and action. Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

July 27th - July 31st, 2020
Members: $225, Nonmembers: $245

Session 1: July 27 - 31 with Rashaad Parker

Online Registration - 5 spots left
1 Mon Jul 27 1-4PM Sunken Room
2 Tue Jul 28 1-4PM Sunken Room
3 Wed Jul 29 1-4PM Sunken Room
4 Thu Jul 30 1-4PM Sunken Room
5 Fri Jul 31 1-4PM Sunken Room
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