Recipes to Improve Your Own Photography

Recipes to Improve Your Own Photography image

Taking as examples famous photographs we will examine what made them acquire their status, how we assess them today, what their ingredients are that led them to acquire this status. Students will be invited to bring their own photographs as a starting point to common discussions and to take photographs according to the images that were assessed. Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

October 9th - October 30th, 2019
Members: $120, Nonmembers: $140

Session 1: October 9 - 30 with Bruno Chalifour

1 Wed Oct 09 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room
2 Wed Oct 16 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room
3 Wed Oct 23 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room
4 Wed Oct 30 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room