2018 Annual Appeal


$25,000 Goal
$15,283.02 Raised
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100 Donors

Dear friend,

When you give to the Flower City Arts Center you are an essential part of creative work far greater than any one individual. When you give to Flower City Arts Center, you grow!

You Grow Creativity:

You share Flower City Arts Center’s vision of Art for All people. Thanks to your generous gifts over 1,100 learners of all ages and abilities increased their artistic skills through our classes and workshops. From morning through night, people of all walks of life interact in our learning spaces, sharing their skills and building relationships. Thanks to your support of our scholarships you ensure that the creative experience of the arts is not a privilege.

You Grow Community:

When you give you grow a healthy thriving visual arts community. Outreach artists demonstrate visual arts processes to hundreds of community members through festivals and open house events like Wintercraft. Unique showcase events like the Flower City Pottery Invitational bring nationally known ceramic artists to teach and share their work. Our three gallery spaces have free public openings and speaker events year-round showcasing a great variety of artists and media. You keep artists, art lovers and arts supporters connected to each other in a growing thriving arts community.

You Grow Careers:

Your generous gift nourishes the creative aspirations of all ages and abilities including our artists-in-residence as they hone their teaching skills and personal vision. Your gift supports local maker businesses that use the studio space to create work for sale. Youth programs also offer facility access. Through your support, Ash’er—a youth program participant—has lighting studio access to practice making professional level portraits like his portrait at upper right for the Studio 678 program. Through your generous gifts, you are making our arts community a more creative and joyful space, nurturing and expanding the many talents and opportunities of artists at all career stages.

You Grow Confidence:

With your gift to the Flower City Arts Center, you grow life-changing confidence in creative young people through our youth programs like Studio 678, Expanding the Field and our new after-school teen program The Rochester Arts Creatives. Students are able to find an artistic home and facilities access on a regular basis as they solve problems together and challenge themselves toward their creative futures. We need your help to continue to meet the growing needs of our diverse and talented youth artist community in Rochester and beyond. Young people and their families are counting on us to continue to provide the educational services and opportunities we have offered consistently throughout our history.

Community, Creativity, Careers, and Confidence--you make it all possible through your gift to Flower City Arts Center. Whether your best gift means $50, $500 or $5000, thank you for making as generous a gift as you are able. Watch your gift grow and make a profound difference for the many individuals in our thriving arts community.

With deep appreciation,

Janice Gouldthorpe

Executive Director