Terri Kern

Artist Statement

My work has always documented my personal history. Each piece functions as a visual marker that commemorates a moment, event, daydream or memory. The documentation takes the form of highly detailed narrative imagery that is painted or carved on the surfaces of my pieces. The images that I use are drawn mostly from the nature and have specific meaning attached to them. Birds represent both myself and the other women in my life. Cages reveal the juxtaposition between fragility and strength. Nests are possibilities. Ladders symbolize doubt and the struggle to grow. Snakes signify forgiveness as they need to shed their skins in order to grow. Trees and leaves stand for compromise and change. Seafaring imagery maps my artistic journey. Chairs present a safe place to land. Pieces of paper express ideas to be investigated. Dragons remind me to be fierce and have courage.

Artist Bio

Terri Kern received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University in 1991. In 1995, she left a teaching position to open her own ceramics studio. Since that time, Terri has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work has been featured in Cincinnati Magazine, Clay Times, Ceramics Monthly and Ceramic Arts Daily. She has received four Individual Artist Grants, been nominated twice for a United States Artist Fellowship and has been recognized with more than thirty-five awards for excellence in the field of ceramics. Her work is included in Museum, Corporate, International and Private Collections.