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The Genesee Center for the Arts & Education is a community of makers, from the established artist to dabbler. Connect with us by joining as a member or enrolling in a class today.


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kids courses

Drypoint Etching

Artists will begin by drawing directly onto a zinc plate using a sharp needle. Prints are made by placing ink inside of the rough burr ...

Street Photography

This course will cover a brief history of documentary/street photography before jumping into tips for on-the-go photography, making the best of natural lighting situations, and ...

Lovin’ Letterpress  

Immerse yourself in the black art that is letterpress printing. Learn to handset type from California Job cases. We have hundreds of fonts to choose ...

Sports Photography: Amerks & Razorsharks

Learn what it takes to get great action sports photographs. The first class will provide students with advice and techniques dealing with etiquette, credentials, equipment, ...

Engraver’s Script 

Learn the art of graceful pointed pen engravers script. This elegant letter form is applicable for making personalized cards and envelopes, wedding invitations, diplomas,certificates, resolutions ...

& Events

The Artist Within: Annual Photography Volunteer Exhibit

Feb 12th - May 27th

For more than a decade the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education photography volunteers have allowed individuals to not ...

DIY Valentine's Day Card Workshop

February 13th, 10 a.m.

Create your own card from scratch at the DIY Valentine's Day Card Workshop. Make your own paper, letterpress your greeting, and then share with your Valentine. FREE and open to the ...

Spokes & Ink

June 04th, noon

Simply put, Spokes & Ink is a festival celebrating bike lovers and bike-inspired poster art. It’s a Monroe Ave mashup of cycling enthusiasts, local artists, cold beer, live music, unique ...

This project is funded by a grant from the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester through support received from Rochester Area Community Foundation.