April 2017

Dear Friends,

The Flower City Arts Center has been making Art For All People a reality in Rochester for over 45 years, giving people the chance to make creativity part of their everyday lives!

We will continue to fulfill this promise. But we need to do even more. More to reach young students in our area. You can be part of making a greater impact on the lives of young people through the arts.

Here’s my promise to you. You can change the world for the better...right now...with your gift to our Young Student Enrichment Fund.

This fund will help us reach young people in our area in grades K-12 who desperately need the arts in their lives. Many of these students live in circumstances that prevent them from experiencing the gift of the arts. Your gift will allow groups of students to participate in hands-on learning with skilled professional artists.

Your gift will give our young people the opportunity to learn about various art forms and use this knowledge to increase their understanding of the world. Your gift will give them the power to imagine, the power to dream, and the power to know they can express themselves with dignity, and beauty, and grace.

With your gift, this experience will not be a matter of chance or circumstance. You won’t let that happen. We won’t let that happen. Everyone deserves to experience the arts.

Help us positively affect more young people who dare to dream, to imagine the possibilities, to reach us all through unleashing their creativity.

Give a gift today.


Janice Gouldthorpe, Executive Director

P.S. Want to help donate at work through a United Way payroll deduction? Ask to designate your gift to us by using code 2313.