November 2016

Dear Friend of the Arts Center,

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our services and programs through the years. This year, we announce a new name for your favorite art center.

We are now the Flower City Arts Center! We selected this new name as a tribute to our city and the region. We reflect with pride on the accomplishments of the art center over the course of our history reaching back to our beginnings on Genesee Street and look forward to continuing our traditions of giving back to artists and to our creative community. You will begin to see a new look and the new name as we transition our many printed and online materials.

Art Gives!

Art gives to our community in so many ways and we are proud to give support to so many artists thanks to the generosity of people like you who believe in the power of art to give back to us all! When you give to support community arts you are part of a larger system of helping people develop and share their creative spirit. From the aspiring to the emerging to the established artist and interested guest, each person coming to the center has an opportunity to experience and enhance their creativity!

Your gift will provide an aspiring artist with more resources for classes and studio and equipment access, gaining valuable process knowledge and, insight into their creative capabilities.

Your gift will allow our guests to experience the creativity of others in an exhibit, artist talk, special program or event.

Your gift will provide support for emerging artists in our artist residency programs across the center, giving artists an opportunity to explore their creative practice, gaining valuable skills and connections to support them as they begin their career.

Your gift will enable talented established artists to share their skills and their work with others in our community as they come to teach classes, workshops and participate in exhibits. Artists from across the region and the country remark on the wonderful welcoming atmosphere at the center and the extraordinary enthusiasm of the arts community in Rochester.

Your gift this year is important as we continue to provide creative outlets for people of all ages and abilities. Give for your community and the creativity that enriches us all.


Janice Gouldthorpe, Executive Director

P.S. Want to help more but can't make a bigger gift now? Use the monthly giving option to bring more art programs to our community.