From the Wheel to the Mold: Prototyping Crash Course

From the Wheel to the Mold: Prototyping Crash Course image

Learn the basics of prototyping, mold-making, and slipcasting during this 3-part workshop with Kelly Justice and Kyle Lascelle. In the first class, you will design your own cup or bowl using provided clay and solid-building techniques. In the second class, you will learn to make a plaster break-away mold of your cup/bowl. In the third class, you will cast your new mold using colored casting slip. Prior wheel-throwing OR handbuilding experience is recommended but not required. Materials included: clay, plaster, all mold-making tools and casting slip. Call 585-271-5183 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

November 2nd - November 16th, 2019
Members: $165, Nonmembers: $175

Session 1: November 2 - 16 with Kelly Justice

1 Sat Nov 02 9:30-12:30PM Ceramics Studio
2 Sat Nov 09 9:30-12:30PM Ceramics Studio
3 Sat Nov 16 9:30-12:30PM Ceramics Studio