2019 Annual Appeal


$25,000 Goal
$11,180.00 Raised
2 weeks, 3 days left
81 Donors
Dear Friends,

We are nearing 50 years of growing creativity throughout Rochester and are remembering the many great creations that have come out of our Flower City Arts Center! We are delighted to be a part of so many lives and proud to be a resource for artists like Hailey Kenton, an incredible potter, and Nylin Grisby, a sketch artist who participated in our Expanding the Field program.

Extend your support to expand opportunities for all Rochester creatives.

Our Expanding the Field youth learning program embraces diversity and believes in a vision of Art for All People. Because of committed donors like you, high school students are exposed to new art experiences and can identify future career potential in the field.

Nylin Grisby was able to develop her college portfolio and meet like-minded artists and mentors through Flower City Arts Center. Through giving that extra bit, you’ll help us extend across communities, reach more students, impact more lives, and continue creating inclusive opportunities for all artists!

Hailey Kenton is a potter who uses Flower City Arts Center just about every day, creating beautiful art pieces to sell and make a living. We are only able to serve as a resource and workspace for people like Hailey because of your generosity.

As we grow into our next 50 years, Flower City Arts Center is looking to not only help more people but expand our resources. You can help us continue being a home for experienced artists and explorers to get messy, sharpen their skills and take on new projects. Your support will give them the room they need to get creative. With your past support, you’ve contributed to artists who make their living with the resources from our center!

Your contributions to Flower City Arts Center will play a significant role in the success of our next 50 years.